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Nursery Closures

Jan, 13th 2020

Free Nursery places are forcing Nurseries to close at an alarming rate. Is the government able to increase funding to compensate on the additional costs

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Childcare Proposals in Wales ‘Unfair’ for the Poorest

Dec, 20th 2018

Childcare is a huge issue for many working parents, which is why governments across the UK have introduced schemes to help with the costs.

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Tax-Free Childcare Website Suffers Glitch Causing Delayed Payments

Nov, 7th 2018

Most parents need to return to work after having a child/children, but those who do not have family members to help out with childcare will need to pay for it.

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Is the SNP Plan for Extra Childcare Hours on the Brink of Collapse?

Oct, 10th 2018

Paying for childcare can become a massive headache for parents. It is for this and more that the UK Government has introduced various schemes to help make it easier for parents to return to work after having children.

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Childcare Scheme may not be what you think

Sep, 14th 2018

The Government promised ‘free’ childcare for working parents, but many people now fear that the scheme is just not working.

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Is Childcare Voucher Scheme to Remain Open?

Aug, 21st 2018

With the scheme set to close to new applicants from 4th October 2018, employers of more than 45,000 workers are calling for it to be kept open

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Au Pairs are Exploited in Britain

Jul, 20th 2018

When it comes to childcare options, parents in the UK certainly have plenty of choice. They can put their kids into a private nursery, take them to a childminder, hire a nanny, or ask for childcare help from relatives.

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Why Are People Not Taking Advantage Of The Free Childcare System

Jun, 13th 2018

When the Welsh government enacted their free childcare programme following the 2016 assembly elections, officials were fairly positive the programme would enjoy significant take-up among qualified parents.

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Campaigners Say Scottish Childcare System Does Not Suit Working Parents

May, 10th 2018

Childcare is a major headache for countless parents across the UK. Trying to find a suitable childcare provider is often the first step, but then worrying about meeting the rising costs can be a big worry.

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Does Childcare Funding Help Single Parents

Apr, 25th 2018

A Sky News report on the challenges facing many single parents who are trying to juggle working with caring for their children has raised the question of whether the Government’s childcare funding can help.

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Time is Running Out if You Want to Apply for Childcare Vouchers

Mar, 15th 2018

From April 5th, 2018 the childcare voucher scheme will be closing to new applicants. but there is a fear that many parents are unaware of these changes and could therefore be missing out. The childcare voucher scheme is provided through employers and allows parents to pay for their childcare costs through vouchers purchased with their pre-tax salary.

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