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Who Are We

The idea came about in 2017/18 after the changes in the childcare sector made in late 2017, when the government increased the hours from 15 to 30 for all 3/4 year old's in England.

Having spent a number of months studying the market I found that websites offering services, such as connecting parents to childcare providers, were charging excessively for their services. There is also the inconvenience of having to spend hours searching through many different websites in order to reach the vital information required to enable people to make the right choices for their situation.

payingforchildcare.org.uk. will provide a wide range of facts relating to childcare whilst providing a matching service which is simple to use for the convenience of both parents/guardians and childcare provide, offered at a realistic price.

Payingforchildcare.org.uk is also able to offer various deals and discounts to our Gold membership applicants thanks to our network of suppliers.

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