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Why parents should become a gold member

As a gold member you will receive lots of exclusive benefits and offers. Whether you are a parenting looking for a Nursery, Childminder, Babysitter, Emergency Childcare or a Nanny, we can provide a large amount of selection for you to choose from.

Ellie Polly talks about the positives and negatives as a parent and gives a non-biased view. She also speaks about some of the features that she likes, dis-likes and mentions about any improvements and shows the differences between gold and the free membership options.

Dashboard Features

Below are some of the features of our system. We are constantly adding/updating features. If there is a feature that you would like to see in your dashboard, let us know and our developers could look into it.


Exclusive Deals and Offers are only available to our ‘Gold’ members and not available to non-members or free members.

  • Discounted bin products
  • Discounted baby essentials for you/your family

Each deal or offer has its own terms and conditions, so it is important that you read them carefully before applying.


The Secure Messaging system allows you to communicate with childcare providers. This is a feature made available to all users, however users who are not gold members will not be able to see/view received messages, unless either the sender or the recipient is a gold member.

You can also block a user which will hide all future messages that they send you. If a user is either sending you messages that would be deemed as going against our terms and conditions of service, simply report the user, which will create a ticket to our admins, who will look at and respond accordingly.

Some of the features of the messaging system include:

  • Shows the conversations you have had with users
  • Can easily define messages in the conversation
  • Has a facebook messages feel (if you use facebook messages then you will be familiar with our system)
  • You can block a user
  • You can Report a user


Create a professional advert for you, simply choose a service type, whether it be a childminder/nursery/nanny plus many more to choose from. Complete the form adding as much information as you can about you/your company. Adding a list of items such as:

  1. Choose a service type
  2. Tick any specific requirements, i.e: 30 hours, registered childminder etc...
  3. Select what days/times during the day which best suits you
  4. plus many more options


We give you the ability to control what emails you receive from us by allowing you to enabling and disable separate notifications, this is so that we can comply with GDPR. Some notifications include:

  • Receive an email when somebody sends you a message
  • Receive an email when a new deal goes live
  • Receive an email when somebody gives you feedback
  • Receive an email when you receive a response from a support ticket
  • When you apply for a Deal, receive an email containing Deal/coupon information

If you have a weekly schedule setup, you also have the ability to change the day which you receive the email. You can also set whether you want the schedule active.

Saved Adverts

We give you the ability to save searched Adverts so you can quickly revisit the advert for later use.

Saved Searches

If you are looking for a number of services for example, your seraching for parents seeking childcare services and looking for a childcare provider for your own child. Our system allows you to save search results so you can easily return to them at any time. This saves time in having to re submit the search form every time.

Help and Support Tickets

If you require a little help in using our system, there are a number of methods we have put in place. Our self help FAQ is designed to simply and effectively answer any queries which you may have relating to your account. Or if you would like a member of the team to investigate and respond to you, then simply create a support ticket and a member of the team will get back to you asap. Support is available through a number of channels, which include:

  • Our FAQs
  • Raising a support ticket
  • Giving us a call
  • Online instant chat

Activity Log

This section simply shows you what you have done in your account. We log almost everything, just so that if anything breaks our developers are able to look at your logs to determine what went wrong and where. We also log things for security purpose.

Free Customer Prize Draws

Sometimes when we are feeling a little generous, occasionally we will give free prize draws to our customers. for example, on black friday 2019 we gave away a brand new TV, £100 Food voucher and two £25 vouchers. You don't have to register to be entered, however if the customer prize draw is only for gold members then you will see this in the deals section of your dashboard.

Online Search

Our online search facility allows you to quickly search for adverts by the means of entering into the serach form:

  • A service type i.e nursery/childminder/nanny etc...
  • A miles radius, to ensure that the search does not retrieve adverts greater than your maximum radius
  • A postcode so that the radius can start from a centre location.

Weekly Alert Schedule

Don't have time to keep searching every day? Our weekly alert schedule gives you the flexibility to receive adverts via your email. You can chose which day you would like to receive the weekly email on. This can be easily setup on the find childcare page against any search criteria.

Receive & Send Feedback to other Users

The ability to receive feedback from other members will build up trust for parents, which may lead to more enquiries. We also allow you to rate parents. If somebody clicks on View Feedback, then they will be able to see the feedback you have received and feedback you have gave to others, a bit like how ebay opperates its feedback system.

You can receive/send feedback and also include a star rating, the rating is as follows:

  • 5 stars - Excellent
  • 4 stars - Good
  • 3 stars - Average
  • 2 stars - Poor
  • 1 star - Bad

If you have received bad feedback which was not accurate then you have the right to contact us and explain why. If our team believes that the system has been abused and given incorrectly in a way which damages your business reputation on our system, then we will remove the bad feedback.

Discounted Bin Products

Wheelie Klips solutions save you money and keep your general waste wheelie bin clean all year round. No need to pay to clean your bin, use the messy jet wash or use individual plastic bags (now not free from the supermarkets!).

Klip 'n' Bag holds your Klip Bag in a secure position so they do not fall into the bin when rubbish is dropped in. But that's not all, the Klip 'n' Fresh product holds a specially designed spray bottle with a uniquely developed Zesty Citrus fragrance created to neutralise odours, reducing the possibility of fly or insect infestation! Keeps your bin nice and fresh all year round!

Discounted Baby essentials

Baby essentials can be very expensive (costing up to £70 a month) on products such as:

  • Nappies
  • Wipes
  • Clothes
  • Other toiletries/bathing products

Our collective buying power means we can all share in discounted prices. Saving you £1000's of pounds.

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